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This service is designed to help you feel more at home. We can recommend and set up appointments with reliable agents and service providers to get you settled in.

  • Registration at the Commune
  • Assistance with schools and childcare facilities
  • Set up of connections (phone, internet, TV and other services)
  • Set up of Banking relationship
  • Purchase/selling of a vehicle
  • Conversion of driving license
  • Finding a medical care provider that speaks your language

Set up of the following services as per requirements:

  • Cleaning
  • Handyman
  • Plumber/electrician
  • Accounting/Tax declaration services
  • Moving company
  • Babysitters
  • Insurance
  • Garage
  • Sport and leisure clubs

My P.A.

  • General correspondence
  • Setting up of appointments
  • Translation services
  • Attendance of meetings/appointments (from a translation or expertise point of view)
  • General information services


a helping hand

This is a flat-rate service that allows you unlimited phone and email access to the Ekhaya Team for any information and advice. Contact us as often as you need within the 30 day package deal and we will assist you in any way possible. The ideal service for those who just need a helping hand in finding their feet in Switzerland.

Discovering Neuchâtel

This is a personal tour of the town and region. Showing you where to go and find the things you need in every day life; even if it’s just where to go to have a cup of coffee or a light lunch. These are sometimes things that are taken for granted in standard relocation packages.

  • Meet and greet in order to establish needs and interests of client. The tour can then be tailor-made to each clients requirements
  • Introduction to chosen commune – services and structures
  • Tour of town center and surrounding areas
  • Explanation of life and culture in Switzerland
  • Integrating – discussion and information about job searching, hobbies and sports clubs, international communities, cultural events and any other information needed by the client based on personal interests.

(The above introduction can be tailored to discuss what Neuchâtel has to offer for people looking to relocate.)

Home Sweet Home

Our knowledge of Neuchâtel and the surrounding regions will help you find the best area to live in, in line with your most important requirements.

  • First contact in order to discuss needs and criteria for a tailored accommodation
  • Organization of appointments to visit the chosen properties
  • Accompany client on property visits
  • Liaison with agency regarding the contract and inspection/handover


Leaving Switzerland or the Canton of Neuchâtel is a very intense administrative task. Our services are designed to alleviate you of this stress.

  • Liaison with property agent regarding vacation formalities (incl. sending of notice letter and final inspection)
  • Placing the property back on the market
  • Arranging of moving company
  • Closing of bank accounts
  • Finalisation of tax
  • Cancellation of Insurances (AVS, 3eme Pillier etc)
  • Official departure administration with Communes and Canton
  • General cancellation of other contracts